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Common Tree Issues Facing Winnipeg Homeowners

The team at Parkland Tree Care has assembled this resource of common tree issues we encounter. If you notice that a tree on your property is in a similar type of situation to those pictured on this page you might want to call us for a consultation.

This tree has roots circling round and round. This happened because the tree spent too long in the pot before it was planted and the person who planted it didn't cut these roots at the time of planting.

This tree is growing too close to the house. In fact the homeowner so liked this tree that he built his house despite the proximity of this tree.

Tree wells like this are not recommended. They change the grade of the soil around the tree trunk and will cause the bark to decay. Eventually the inner layers of cambium and phloem will be affected. As a result, nutrient and water transport will be disrupted and the tree will lose vigour and possibly die.

This is a silver maple with several girdling roots. These roots can eventually kill or cause significant decline in the tree as they grow larger and choke the tree. Eventually the transport of nutrients and water is affected.

This new landscape will eventually kill these pre-existing landscape trees. The compaction of the soil at the base of these trees and under the pavers will kill the roots. The first sign will be the smaller number and size of the leaves. Eventually whole branches will die and the tree will have to be removed.

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