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Shrub Pruning in Winnipeg

Shrub pruning is a frequently neglected area by many landscape and tree care companies. Often the only "pruning" done is little more than shaping with a power hedge trimmer. While this is the cheapest method of handling shrub and hedge growth, it is not the best for the plant in the long run. All shrubs just like trees need to be properly pruned.

Parkland Tree Care in Winnipeg takes as much pride and concern for shrub pruning as for any other tree. The same principles of pruning apply with shrub pruning as they do with tree pruning. Pruning of shrubs should enhance both flowering and the general appearance of the shrub.

It is a shame that many shrubs are only grown for their flowers, but then loose this attractive attribute because they are trimmed frequently with a hedge trimmer which removes all the flower buds and flowers. These same shrubs are also not allowed to grow into their full natural shape as they are so frequently trimmed and reduced in size.

Heavy shaping is acceptable in a formal garden design where strong geometric shapes can provide a striking appearance. Most landscape designs here in Manitoba are not formal.

If a shrub has to be trimmed every year to reduce its size it is likely growing in the wrong location. We at Parkland Tree Care can help you by recommending changes in plantings to better take advantage of the shrubs flowering and its natural shape. If a shrub is growing in the wrong spot the only options are to remove and re-plant a more suitable shrub or to trim the shrub back frequently and loose much of the shrubs beauty.

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