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Tree Bracing in Winnipeg

Cables can sometimes be used to support a weakened branch or trunk. Often the tree has been damaged in a wind event. Usually the tree has an inherent weakness in the structure of the tree.

Cables cannot repair the problem, but they can help to support the weakened structure and pro-long the life of the tree. The tree must be inspected by a competent arborist in order to ascertain whether the tree would be a candidate for cabling. The arborist will look at the condition of the rest of the tree to see if there are any more visible defects which may effect this decision.

Cables are however, a mechanical device and like any mechanical device they can fail. Cables must be inspected periodically. Once a cable is installed in a tree that tree must always remain cabled. There can be no option of ever removing the cable. Due to degradation of the rope cable by UV exposure, new cables must be installed in this tree every 10-12 years.

The cable system Parkland Tree Care uses is a non-invasive, dynamic rope type of cable system. This system is designed for all trees and all shapes of trees. The system is self-adjusting and will expand with tree growth. It will not girdle the trunk as the tree grows.

Bracing is the installation of a threaded rod into the trunk of a tree or branch in order to support a split or possible split. This is an invasive procedure and can lead to decay at the area of installation. Bracing is sometimes used together with cabling to support the tree.

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